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Membership Application Form

The membership application form is for use by families and individuals who are existing members and would like to renew their membership and for new members wanting to join for the first time.

Where fees are received before 31 March 2018, use the “Discounted Fee” column.
Where fees are received after this date, then please use the “Annual Fee” column.

Students may continue to be part of a Family Membership subscription up to the age of 21 years on 31st March. When another adult membership has been paid, a discount of £10 per student will apply.

Thank you in advance.

Iona Mclean-Hall – Membership Co-ordinator


Some quick reminders when completing your membership forms:

  • Can you please ensure that you state fully all of the names of the members who will be rejoining and the date of births of those under the age of 18
  • Please provide your contact details; telephone number and email address. This is so that we can contact you in the event of queries with your application
  • Please make sure the amount on your cheque equals the total membership payable, especially if there are any new joiners who need to pay a joining fee