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Tennis Tips

Tips for Parents

Mini Tennis is the best way for children to learn tennis! Research shows that it is essential for children up to the age of 10 years to learn the physical skills of running, jumping, balance, coordination, throwing and catching, as well as basic tennis skills. If they are to reach their full sporting potential. Allow your children to play in the Mini Tennis colour stage that is appropriate to them. This will ensure they enjoy playing the game and gain confidence. Purchase balls and rackets which match the stage that your child is in.

Play with your children in the park, the garden, or on holiday. Any ball games, running activities or tennis on appropriate courts will be beneficial. Encourage them to play other sports too. Be patient. Children will rarely progress steadily but more often in peaks and plateaux. Encourage your children to take part in competitions at the club. These will be relaxed and varied, plus there will be a strong emphasis on team and multi sport activities. Familiarise yourself with tiebreak scoring, offer assistance when needed but avoid scoring your own child’s matches. Show an interest in how your child is progressing and help them to practise their tennis skills.

As a spectator always be generous in your applause for both players in a match. Don’t tolerate bad behaviour, cheating or bad manners from your child. Help your child to understand that showing respect for the rules, opponents and officials are all part of tennis.