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Tournaments are not just something that the good players do, they are an opportunity for all players and standards to enjoy an exciting, sociable and fun tennis experience. 

It is one of the most effective ways for a player to improve. Competition allows a player to get an accurate picture of where his or her mastery of the sport really is.

It is not until a child has experienced competition that they become really committed to the sport and motivated to improve.

Talk to the coach, Leon, about  tournaments, improving  your technical skill, tactical awareness and put some time aside for physical conditioning work.


  • Player becomes more motivated, accepts a challenge and something ‘to strive for'.
  • Player is able to put things from the practice court into action and complete the learning process.
  • Player develops mental toughness to cope with the demands of the game.
  • Player's ranking improves, creating opportunities for higher-level competition.
  • Player experiences unfamiliar venues and environments and meets new friends
  • Player experiences different standards of competition, becomes more motivated and gives real drive to future training
  • Even a small amount of success is a great confidence builder.


The LTA require that juniors over the age of 10 have a rating to play in all the local LTA approved tournaments.
An LTA Player Rating is a way of measuring your tennis ability, so you can see how you are improving. It’s a bit like a golf handicap.
If you say what your rating is, other players will know what level you are irrespective of age.
To get an LTA Rating you first have to join the LTA and receive a membership number

  • Under 10 you do not need a Rating
  • Juniors 10-17 years old £3
  • 18 years + £6

You will need to apply for a rating in order to enter the LTA tournaments.
See the LTA How to Start page for more details. When you first apply, the LTA will give you a Rating based on the information you give them in the application form questionnaire.

After that, it will depend on your results from competitive matches against other rated players.
Ratings do not depend on age – so if you are a junior you could have a better rating than your parents. There are 20 rating bands. A rating of 1.1 is the highest level and 10.2 is the lowest. Beginners will get a rating of 10.2


The new end of season AEGON British Tennis Ratings will be live on www.LTA.org.uk from midday on September 21st 2009.

Results from March 30th – August 30th will be used to calculate your end of season rating.  The calculation is based on your rating at the time of the ratings run.  For further information please visit the AEGON British Tennis Ratings section on the website.

Your rating will increase if you have achieved 7 qualifying wins and a 60% win/loss ratio as a junior or 3 qualifying wins and a 60% win/loss ratio as an adult.  A qualifying win is a win recorded against a player rated the same or higher than you, in the period March 30th – August 30th.

Please read the update on changes to competition age groups which will come into place in September 2010.

The Winter Junior Indoor Circuit competition pack is now available from British Tennis with comprehensive information about the Circuit and full tournament listings, download the pack and enter online now.



Why play?

  • Chance to Increase your Rating or Ranking
  • Chances to play other players
  • A chance to improve your competitive experience
  • A chance to put your coaching into practice

Visit your local website and view competition/news/courses
(If you want to play in other counties you can also click on their website)

Are you a 10.2 or 10.1? Increase your rating by winning 4 matches
Just let your county office know or fill in a card and send it off
LTA 10.1 10.2 Ratings Card